Hello, we’re Fivefootsix

We’re great at building strong
personalities for organisations that value
the importance of their brand.

Whether it’s to intrigue, excite, surprise or
reassure, we create relevant and engaging
communication strategies across branding,
online, environments and advertising.

We believe the difference between
good work and great work relies on the
relationships we build with our clients.

So here’s how we make a good
relationship great...

We promise to love your brand as much as you do.

If you’re passionate about your product, consumer and reputation, we’ll match your enthusiasm with our creativity. We know from experience that working with clients who love their brand leads to the most successful results, so we seek out collaborators with ambition and drive.

We know how to listen.

Over the years, we’ve got to the bottom of all manner of businesses, from the BBC to Ben & Jerry’s to Bikram Yoga, by taking the time to hear what our clients have to say – after all, nobody knows your business better than you. So through in-depth briefings, sharing research and brainstorming, together we can create a better understanding of your industry giving us the strength to design from knowledge.

We believe process makes perfect.

We begin every project with an agreed strategic goal, created in partnership with you, to ensure we’re all heading in the same direction for success. Working closely with you through this development process ensures we keep the discussion around the creative focused and in line with our strategy.

We trade in ideas.

A strong idea is the most important thing we can offer, and vital to the success of everything we do. We work across all aspects of brand communication and have spent years developing partnerships with individual experts who are leaders in their field. This enables us to bring fresh thinking to fruition with fivefootsix at the core.

We share your goals.

We work as part of your team, heading with you towards a shared goal, producing great work that is relevant and engaging to its audience, and of course delivered on time and to budget. As a designer-owned agency, we’re able to deliver the care, attention to detail and hands-on approach that you’d expect from a far smaller operation.

We’re here for the long haul.

We don’t create short-term solutions. Our approach is to look where you’re heading as a brand and give you a platform to build on for the future. For us, success means a relationship that develops beyond the initial project into an ongoing creative process. This means we’ve been able to develop long term relationships with many of our clients.

Design needs chemistry, so we’re committed to crafting close and authentic relationships for brilliant results.