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30 sprint triathlons in 30 Days

Posted by Nathaniel


A sprint triathlon:
Wikipedia defines a sprint traithlon as a 750m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run. It’s so much more than that though. There’s the 5:30am start everyday to ensure that the triathlon is done before work or going through the day knowing that you have to do a sprint triathlon at the end of it.

My friend Danny told me about his challenge in the summertime and the first thing that came to mind was, “that would be really hard to do alone”. So I did the only logical thing and offered to join him on the journey. I figured that it would be easier for him if he knew somebody else was committing to it too.

At this point I really didn’t think about what I had signed up for though!


Early Starts
My evenings are normally taken up with running or going to gigs so I knew I was never going to be able to do my triathlons’s after 6pm. 5:30AM was set to become my new favourite time for four weeks. At first it was hard, nobody wants to get out of bed that early but I slowly adjusted to it. I always found it hard to really get going in the morning once I had stepped into the studio. Waking up at 8am on the weekends felt like such a massive lie in.

Taking a photo a day
I wanted to document my whole experience on Instagram. 30 days, 30 posts on instagram. I wanted to tell a story with the pictures so people could have an idea about what my life was like. Even if things were bad, I would still look for a shot to take.


You get into a weird routine during all of this. It was normal to wake up early and spend an hour on my bike, 15 minutes in the pool and 20 minutes running. It was just part of what I called life for 30 days.

The last day
I woke up on 30th November with the biggest smile on my face! It stayed right throughout the day. There was absolutely nothing better than knowing that after today, my challenge was over. No more early starts, no more tiredness, I would have my life back!

My friends at LDN Brunch Club joined us for a 5k run after meeting at London Fields Lido and some stayed behind to cycle with us. The sun was shining so bright on the day.


£793 raised

Total Team Funds – £2,883

My bike had really been put through its paces. After this ride, my two wheels would’ve at the very least seen 615 kilometre’s! It squeaked and creaked all the way to Tower Bridge and back to London Fields for the real home straight.

My friends that hung around all day were allowed to come and watch me and Danny do our final swim.

It’s quite hard to swim when you’re smiling so much but I got through it. Danny joked a couple of weeks ago and said that he would swim the last 50m in butterfly. We looked at each other with the last lap to go and off we went. He did fly, I did a freestyle sprint as fast as I could manage. After this, I could sleep, I could have a pint, I could do whatever I wanted and I wouldn’t have to think about doing a triathlon the following day!


Time for a change in direction

A little update from us at Fivefootsix. 

The fast pace of running Fivefootsix hasn’t given us much time to stop and properly think about the future. However, celebrating our tenth anniversary this year presented an opportunity to both reflect and to look forward. And, after a hugely exciting journey, we’ve taken the decision to bring our current agency operations to a close, allowing us to end things on a high, and turn our attentions to new challenges ahead.

Although we’re sad to say goodbye to Fivefootsix, we are also incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to achieve in that time, and the calibre of clients we’ve worked with. Brands like BBC Children in Need, Ben & Jerry’s, Birley, UEFA and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), as well as our own projects, like The Art of Ping Pong, which will continue to develop.

Most importantly, the last ten years would not have been possible without the support of the hugely talented Fivefootsix team, both past and present.

Thanks to everyone who’s joined us on the journey and been part of that success. Hopefully we’ll have the chance to work with many of you again in the future.

If you can, please join us for some drinks at The Art of Ping Pong 2015 launch event, on November 5th at 7pm at the KK Outlet in Hoxton.

Algy & Mark

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